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  • Augustine Bindbeutel

    Augustine Bindbeutel

  • John Gilda

    John Gilda

    Am opinionated and often wrong. Writing in a Celtic tradition where stories are the threads that tie together people across time and space.

  • Virg Palumbo

    Virg Palumbo

  • Karl Sandor

    Karl Sandor

    Co-Founder & CVO @ The Growth Guys

  • Erwin C

    Erwin C

    Austin, TX. Life and Business. 33

  • N2RAC


    Editor @ TechNode.Global. I write about startups, venture capital, and amateur radio. Like my work? Buy me a coffee: buymeacoffee.com/n2rac .

  • Ryan Miller

    Ryan Miller

    Yin & Yang | Happy. Positive. Half Graphics Enthusiast, Half Tech Savvy. Copy Writer. Leader. Magnetic Person. Living Human Being. Dreamer. Crazy 100%.

  • Cairo Walker

    Cairo Walker

    Analyst brain through the lens of an artist. Award-Winning Digital Marketer | Business Founder, Writer & Speaker. People-first approach to Tech, UX, Millenials.

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