I have a habit of writing down ideas and advice I wish I’d known a long time ago (you can check out my lists from and ). Some of them come from conversations with smart people, many come from books, and I’ve learned a few the hard way. …

The following is an adaptation of . This short (<500 words) monthly newsletter consists of two parts: a quick history lesson and how you can apply it today.

Past editions include

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How would you push an elite athlete into peak performance mode?

Maybe you’d scour scientific journals to find the optimal diet or training regimen. Maybe you’d fork up a few grand for a motivational speaker. Or maybe you’d have them put their paycheck on the line.

, a professor…

Credit: Carl Richards

Why am I distracted?

That’s usually the last question you ask yourself when a deadline is looming. With each passing minute it becomes harder to focus. So you check your email (again), you drink another coffee, you put it off until tomorrow when you’ll “have more time.”

You’ll do anything…

Author Ryan Holiday

Around 9 a.m. when millions of people are checking sports scores and scouring Twitter, about 300,000 people are starting their day with something different.


This ancient philosophy that emphasizes the values of temperance, detachment, and discipline originated in Ancient Greece, but today it lives in the email inboxes of…

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I discovered partisan politics in third grade — October of 2004 to be specific. I sat in my wood-grained laminate desk as my teacher explained that John Kerry was running against the incumbent George W. Bush. …

How to build a lucrative career as a ghostwriter

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My family thinks I enable plagiarism for a living.

Well, they used to. When I explain my job, it sounds like something that would warrant expulsion from a university. …

Why don’t we learn from history? This is the question B.H. Liddell Hart posed to the world in 1944. In fact, he devoted an entire book to it.

Written during the final years of World War II, Why Don’t We Learn from History exposes one of humankind’s most costly flaws…

Most of what they teach you in school is worthless, so this is the least I can do.

Last summer I published a I learned after a full year of working in the real world. Since then I started a , moved, made some money, lost…

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Storyteller, provocateur, bibliophile. For book rec’s and history lessons 👉

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